Video marketing online in 3 steps to generate more sales

Video Marketing is an online marketing strategy that uses videos to drive traffic and leads

How to grow your business

Find out why search engines want you to create a high quality video and embed them on a landing page. 

Video editing for ads is a challanging task to keep visitors watching and make good call to actions.

This is the reason why we launched our 3 steps video marketing campaign plan. 

So you can improve your conversions for your product or service, click through rate and to properly target audience for your company through video ads.

Use video ads on the landing page 

The marketing experts know that one of the best ways to use digital marketing is through a type of video. 

People prefer watching a video instead of reading a big page of text. This is because the human brain retains information 60 000 times more info from a video compared to any other type of content marketing.

The purpose of the videos is to: 

-Show info about your services and products

-Present clients video success stories – social proof

-Explain your company. 

At this moment 87% of the internet traffic is just video because of that.

Video Marketing in 3 steps

Step 1 – Capture

Short 15 minute Zoom meeting about your company and your targets

Create video sales letter with our verified success plan and give acces to social accounts

Film yourself the videos with our secret recipe

Step 2 – Edit

Send us your video creation via internet

See the draft of the sales video 

See the final version of the ads made for you by our video experts

Step 3 – Drive sale

Upload ads to more social channels: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram

Target special audience for social videos

Analyse who saw the online video more and remarket to them

These 3 steps are important for making your video sales letter sell more. 

The sales funnel can be entirely made with videos for social media. 

You must also try live videos on Facebook and Instagram.

Weekly people see your advertisements, it is just a question of what makes them buy. 

Triggers to buying can be a succes story, a feature they like or even a friend that becomes a client. 

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